Carl Vricella
GIS Development,

GIS Analyst/Developer based out of Long Island, NY. I've been working with GIS since 2015, and professionally as an analyst/dev since November 2020. I hold a B.S in Environmental Science and an Advanced Certificate in Geospatial Science. I'm a jack of all trades when it comes to GIS, having done everything from simple analyses within desktop software, building script tools for automation or to create custom tools not available with OOTB offerings, creating web applications and setting up servers. I'm proficent in Python, R, Javascript, SQL, HTML, CSS, ArcGIS Enterprise, R-Shiny, WSGI frameworks, Windows Server and RHEL/CentOS.

Finn Maps

Full stack mapping application that shows places my dog Finn has been. Uses python w/bottle on the backend and vanilla JS, HTML, CSS with ESRI ArcGIS Javascript API on the front end. The application is hosted on an AWS EC2 instance I manage running RHEL